this month: july

I am currently gone at camp while you read this post, but I couldn't just skip it because I was gone, eh? So why not schedule it. ;-) 

reading: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, and Adelaide's book The Last Ones
+so this book has all the LOTR books in it
+which adds up to about a thousand pages
+and Addy's books are just so amaze <3
+i have to read the ending of the first one because she changed the ending...
+thanks Addy you're a dear 
+(totally joking i love addy lots and the book is prolly even more fab)

enjoying: restless waves, reading, studying for Camp, boys who act like five-year-olds
+we went to the lake today and i got a lot of reading done 
+camp is coming and i feel it in my bones
+i was talking to a friend and i died laughing
+and throwing a fit
+it was a joke but it was hilarious

+the song It Is Well
+i just love everything
+she doesn't sing much
+but there's magic when she does

writing: mah book Broken Warrior
+i just hit like 25k words
+and chapter eleven
+i am enjoying every minute of writing it
+so much goodness

excited for: ...camp?
+my life has been like consumed by camp
+haha whoops
+but i'm gone at camp now and i'm sure i'm having a wonderful time
+...says me from the past about seven days earlier 

watching: Star Trek: The original series
+yes hello i love star trek
+i am a weirdo because i spend my time watching it
+cap. kirk and bones and scotty and spock are my babies
+oh my gosh not to mention sulu
+i cries of love
+mm yes beautiful people

learning: To constantly deny self and accept God
+man is it hard
+because i'm working against my own desires and needs
+part of me is screaming no
+and the other is screaming yes
+but denying self is much more rewarding
+honestly God is just amazing

please take note that i am currently gone
and haven't had a chance to reply to your comments
i certainly will once i get back so no worries, my lovely dears.
see ya then.


  1. You just make the simplest things so beautiful ♥♥

  2. A fabulous July, a fabulous person. Cally, send your book to meeee <3

  3. i enjoyed this simple post a lot more than i thought i would ;) ♥♥
    have fun at camp, and thanks for scheduling this sweet post<3<3

    (and God is amazing amen) <3

  4. Oooh, I'm hunting down that album now. I always love me some new music. <3 And this is spectacular. It reminds me of Explosions In The Sky -- you would probably like their music, too. Ahh, your summer sounds so lovely!! OMG BOYS ACTING LIKE FIVE YEAR OLDS. yes. thank you for that. and EEEEEE you get to read Addy's book?! I'm sure it's amazing. Congrats on hitting 25K! That is super exciting. Also, I love Star Trek TOS. <3 nothing like it. it's just GAH so classic. Enjoy your beautiful summer! :)


  5. You're so funny! :'') And I enjoyed this post as much as your poems (I hope it doesn't sound wrong, because they're amazing as well!).
    You're writing a book?! That's so cool! I've started writing a book so many times, but it's difficult as English is my second language and only 2 million people speak my first language haha.. I'm definitely going to try again, I'm improving my English every day.
    I also love your blog design! How did you make it? Thanks for help! :) xxx

  6. I am having a summer photo contest over at my blog! you can check it out here: http://a-girl-named-elly.blogspot.com/2015/07/a-girl-summer-photo-contest.html

    -Elly <3

  7. this is so great:):):) can't wait to have you backkkk!!


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