officially moved

Hey Words Passing You By blogger crew,
just wanted to let you know that this blog is officially "completed." (not quite the right word, but not the wrong one, aha.)
This chapter is over. So if you want to join me, if you haven't already, hop on over to Brin Lael. Laugh at the golden hues because they are so BRIGHT. and so good. yep. Also the comment section looks especially beautiful. I promise you I'm not trying to coax you into commenting. laugh laugh. It's just seriously one of my favorite parts of my new design. 

ALRIGHT. goodbye. *salutes* it's been a good run on this one.

(click itttt. you know you want to.)
sneaky laugh.
so many loves. see ya later. 


announcement + never seen before poem


we talk of summer with longing in our voices
for the sunlight that warms up our icy eyes
forget-me-nots peeking between blades of grass
day dreaming with clouds about the dirt beneath our feet

we look forward to springing up from new ground
breaking the frost with love running wild
road trips across soul filled mountains
under hills with red dirt and wrinkles of time

but today as the afternoon rolls around
we sit beneath the ceiling made of plaster
holding onto the summer in one another
like we will never see it again

we believe in resurrection like we are violets
so when the rain comes we are not afraid of death
but the red mountains run like blood
and the grass bends so low that it can feel our heartbeat


HEY WHAT. addy and i worked together on that. it was sitting in my drafts gathering dust. so i'd thought i'd let it see the light of day and make it's home on this blog. 

dun dun duuuun.

which brings us to my announcement.

with a changing heart and happy eyes, i am pleased to let you guys know that i'm moving on from this blog. i've had it since the beginning of two-thousand-fifteen. that's two entire years, yo. since then, my writing has greatly improved, i've laughed more than ever, had several adventures, and changed. 


so. it's time to clean things up and start on something else. this blog will still be here. just a chapter. you can look back on it and laugh and cry (or forget about it entirely. no hard feelings). 

from now on, you can find me here: brin lael

ha. hope to see you there. and if not, that's okay. i already know. no need to explain. 

*salutes* farewell, words passing you by. i'll come back to hear your stories soon. keep a steady heart and listen to the waves of the sea. they're constant. 
God is good. 


Q & A with you

using this unedited summer photo because why not

GUYS. Guess what we're doing today. That's right, a Q&A. Can I get a whaaaaat. Except this time you guys are doing the answering. I put together a little survey because I want to hear about the things in your life. They're mostly short answer questions, but I won't blame you if you only put a single word answer in there. A simple "yes" will suit me just fine.

can't wait to hear back from you guys! hope you like it. *grins*

p.s. i have no clue how to put the actual survey in this post so you'll have to make do with that link. whoops. loves.


seasons feel just like home

i knock on the wall
and i hear old summer songs.
still there like they will never leave this house.

i trace the window pane
and i feel the frost soft and watching
because autumn has already come to visit with her stories.

i hear the heater turn on
and the smell tells me i'm eight years old,
barefoot and fighting with an old stick and a winter grin.

i change the light bulb
and spring sits with her sweet laughter.
she is warm and bright and there exactly when you need her.

but even with these things
it doesn't quite feel like home
until your laughter, combined with mine, echoes through the halls.

come home?

one last post before december sweeps november away.