i love mah addy girl. ♥

i treasure these moments. 

for i am afraid that they will leave too soon.

i don't want to miss you. i want to stay here forever. 

the earth is green green here. you are here. and walking together, arms linked, makes this home. 

memories aren't as sweet as the moments, you know? i can't always just run to your arms and give you a hug or tell you a joke i just found. i can't look at your silly face. 

we can't go out for ice cream or play guitar and sing. we can't stay here forever. 

that hurts too much to think about. 

so let's just walk, letting these mountains hug our souls. 

let's just walk, listening to the creek run quietly beside us.

let's just walk. 


listening to the earth laughing and always moving, never taking a break. the people around us laugh and talk. but they are a different part of this moment. they're letting it slide out of their fingers. 

but i can't. 

i'm trying to keep this moment forever. i'm trying to keep it. 

"let go, Cally," whispers my Father. 

the leaves in the trees gently blow with the wind. 

with the time passing. 

i don't want to let this go. 

do i have to?

"let go."

deep breath in, and i watch our feet as we walk. 

perhaps it is good to hold onto the memories and savor the moments as you get them. you can't hold on forever. it doesn't work that way... for now. 

"thank you," i say. 

and you. 

oh you precious girl. 

oh this precious home. 

you say thank you too. and we send a prayer of thanks up to the Lord. 

because we both know we won't be able to live in this moment forever, but that was just what made it even more fresh to our souls. 

i treasure these moments. 

more than i could ever say.

p.s. could you pray for this boy I know? right now, even
if it is a 5 second prayer. he's fallen from God. it hurts so 
much. he needs prayers. more than he will ever know. 

thank you all. you're amazing. 


  1. *screams so loud*

    i have no words. you know them all. ♥


    1. *plugs ears*

      *jkkjkjkjkk XD*

      truer words have never been spoken. <3

  2. LET GO, but not too much.

    5 second prayer sent.

    1. *let's go of the rope and you hit the ground because I wasn't aware that I was to slowly lower you down whoops*

      Thankssss Becca.

  3. tart words and sweet people, missed but never forgotten and I'm sure goodbye is not forever

    praying for the boy and god will hear

    Luke 15:24

    24 For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.

    1. It seriously isn't goodbye. Like, wow. I know that I will see them again, but they'll also be in heaven and we can have infinite parties. Can I get a what what. Because that is going to be amazing. Oh man.

      Thank you, Arielle. I need that verse for like my entire life. <3 Oh man. God is good.

  4. That was absolutely beautiful <3

    The prayer has been prayed-longer than five seconds;)

    Grace Anne

    1. Thank youuu.

      Haha. <3 that means more than you know.

  5. this was so sharp, fresh and vivid; i drank in EVERY single word <3<3 beautiful, beautiful, dear cally.

    (also, i prayed for the boy. it's painful to see the people you know run away from the One who can heal them. i'll continue to keep him in prayer)


    1. *screams* YOU ARE SO NICE. Ahhhhhhhh. Thank you times a million. <3

      and thank you soooooo much for praying. just thankyouthankyouthankyou.

  6. Oh my gosh, Cally. Every word just left me craving more!
    beautiful beautiful, you described in words something that I would never be able to express.
    Praying as well!

    1. Squeeb. I am so excited to share more with you! :-D Thank youuuu. <3

      The prayers are GREATLY appreciated.

  7. The way you so elegantly stitch words together- its incredible, Cally.<3

  8. Loving every word, Cally. And praying. Praying so much.

    1. Aw yiss. I got something special for you and Jess coming up. I haven't written it yet, but you know. XDDDD

      Prayers are the best thing since pizza has been invented. (probably even before that, too. ;-))

  9. So special and beautiful<3

  10. You can turn everything into poetry, and you know what, I love poetry. This was so beautiful, so full of feeling, and oh goodness, please write a book someday, darling?
    I will pray.

    1. Oh maaan. I used to hate poetry so I find it hilarious that I ended up writing it. <3 I'm writing a book, but it's coming along very slowly.

      you are like... so special and kind. i die.

      thanks for the prayers, darling. needed so much. <3 <3 <3


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