i'm missing something

 it's the sound of tired feet
pattering into the kitchen at 2am.
it's the sighing of the trees
when the wind is soaring by.

sung like an old song on my lips.

letters tucked between the pages
of my favorite book.
his eyes hiding behind the ghosts
we were of yesterday.

when did i become so wrong?

i lingered in the quiet house,
watching the sunset grieve gray and blue.
doubt remnants on my heart,
stuck stiff and unmoving.

i'm missing something.



  1. These photos, these words = perfection

  2. on the floor
    love this
    love u
    love Jesus n that he knows n he cares more than I can know

    1. u know what.
      i'm glad you keep coming back. and that your love for Jesus shines brightly in this dim room.
      missed you. love u. x

  3. Replies
    1. ow. ow ow ow. andrea. just. *falls over* i literally have no words. <3

  4. this is it. this is it.
    these are the places I will always go.
    you know the song Down in the Valley by The Head and the Heart? this post reminds me of it kind of.
    (and i'm not sure why)
    but it's just so achingly beautiful and the words you've arranged are singing a song

    Randy Abby
    WAKE ME UP Blog

    1. oh man. these are the places I will always go.
      it's stuck on these fingerprints. stuck in my feet. leading me to places i never knew existed.
      (and that song. i know, i know, i know.)

      hey. thank you.


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