rich dirt

the dirt is rich here
filled with memories and shoe prints
the moss grows over the rocks
aspen trees take root

i am afraid.

forests burn and fire risks can be high,
anything can happen.
the power trembles through my cold fingers
and i trace the prints on the ceiling.

i am tired.

you cannot stop yourself from growing,
and you cannot make a river stop flowing.
but still i try.

i am not scared to grow,
but scared to change.
change has been hard.
saplings cannot stay saplings
and the trees cannot stay bloomed.

do not fear, O Jacob, for I am with you.

i look into the faces here.
they are wrinkled and cracked,
but glory shines underneath.

the trees are budding. 
she laughed. she loves it.
the dirt is rich here.

hope lies underneath these cracked lines.
i still have a long road ahead of me.


a walk with adelaide before i get back to school. i hear summer's echoes.


  1. Ah, are you on Spring Break as well? I think you're home schooled (if I remember correctly) and I also do realize that a lot of homeschoolers follow, to a degree, breaks and such of publics schools, but then I know nothing, because Addy posted a photo of your hair blowing in the wind & it looked magnificent and Addy's blowing in the wind reminds me of a paintbrush stroke and AHHHHH (<---- That has autocorrected like eight times I'm done trying to fix that to be lowercase) both of you are majestic while when the wind blows my way, it gets into my mouth. XDDD

    xoxo Morning

    1. NOT YET. I'm almost there. Once the 26th rolls around, I'm free. I'm online schooled which is basically homeschooled except...online. But I do have teachers so that's cool. HAHAHAAAA. I know. We are trained professionals. XDD Just kidding. But when the camera pops up, the wind does its worst.

  2. I really really like this. It is rich.

  3. do not fear, o jacob. for I am with you.

    what in the world. oh yeah. what in my world. because u here and that's all i need to know. God is good. God is too good.

    1. *dies laughing and loving you* because i was there and had the time of my life. now i am home with sisters who only argue and make sour faces at each other. i am almost ready to come back. i'll be there soon.

  4. <3<3<3 Beautiful!
    Gah! Your hair is amazing!

    1. HAHA WOWIEEE. I've been told that and some days I disagree.


    Also I'm not sure I believe you that the dirt is rich there. Pretty sure it's all rock and dust. *squints at you*

    1. MAH FACEEE.

      The dirt is better than California's...at least, that's what I've been told. SO RICH IT IS. Beggars can't be choosers.

  6. y'all are beautiful on the outside and on the inside
    and i cri

    1. wow my heart is laughing too hard whoops. i love you.

  7. what out of the world (HA ADDY!) here's some water because plant's get thirsty. tis very wonderful my friend very indeed.

    1. THANK YOU. water is what i need. the water at the well. oh girl, i miss you.

  8. I just found your blog and am in complete awe in your writing! Definitely have yourself a new follower :)

    Aaliyah @ www.growinginhisimage.blogspot.com


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