a runner.

there are some things that hurt.

the soft sound piano keys make,
the feeble winter frost,
the busyness of living. 

those things bring a sadness to my heart,
something i run from.

am i a runner? or do i stay?

i've wondered about that.
i'd like to say that i'd stay,
i'd like to say i'm brave.

but i am not.

i am a runner.

and when you stared me in the eye,
pleading for me to let you run as hard as you could,
i saw myself. 

she said it was harder to stay,
and i laughed at her in the face.
to stay.
anyone could do that.

i don't think so now. 

it takes a strength to bear the stillness.
one that i do not have.

one that i do not have. 

i've already stayed too long
it's time for me to go.


  1. I am a plum.

    Also, I love this poem.

  2. this. ♥ your poems are perfection.

    1. throw me into a wall of kindness, why won't you. ♥ thank you.

  3. i am a potato.
    i look like a potatoes.

    how is it possible for a person to be so good?

    1. potatoes are one of my favorite foods.
      so u gud.

      i haven't the faintest clue, honey buns. let's google it. ;) ♥

  4. Wow. That was beautiful/amazing/brilliant--there are truly no words that can fully describe how breathtaking your writing is. <3

    p.s. thanks for sharing the song! I'm in love. :)

    1. evE. owie. my heart is so full of love. ♥ your comments leave me warm and breathless in the sunlight.

      p.s. i think Adelaide shared it with me so let's share the love, eh? ♥

  5. Replies
    1. waaa. if you say that too much, i might start believing it. *laughs softly* ♥♥

  6. girl, you are great just remember to grow some roots <3

    1. oh, kid. i needed that so much. i think i'm a potted plant; i got those roots, but i'm still small enough to travel around and be a runner. mm. i don't know. <3 you got my back

  7. roO PanES wHaT <3 he's a bootiful human creature.

    soaking in every word now like man, that was perfect xx.

    ((ps: i thought this was a maze runner post HAHA but this was even better *hugs*))

    1. wHAT. i knnooww i love him waa. <3 mah babe.

      ow and wow bc i love you a lot. weeafma.

      (p.s. don't know anything about maze runner but woot woot *hugs*)

  8. yes. just yes. i'm a runner too. i don't want to be, but that's one thing i'm working on.
    <3 love dis post. a lot.

    1. trueness, autumn girl. still learning. still running. still going. <3 love u a lot bam bam <3


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