words that flow from my fingers
sentences that form in my mind
sounds that come from my mouth

they seem repeated

they were fresh once,
but now they are just coins
among the sea of gold

it's tiring to hear them over and over again

meeting new people
trying to make a friendship
it becomes a fake smile on my face

everything just becomes a dull feeling

i think that sometimes a break is needed
to find words that speak truth
pure and wild as the sea that roars

so farewell,
dear friends,
until then


  1. Trying to make new friends is hard and tiring, indeed.

    xoxo Morning

    1. But I think if you were truly meant to be friends, then it isn't that hard at all. <3

  2. Lovely writing! <3 I totally understand. Sometimes we need time to just refresh our minds. I'll miss ya, Candence!

    1. Aw, I'll miss all of you dearly as well! <3 But sometimes that is needed. :-)

  3. I doubt I've ever related to a single post so much!
    Lovely writing, Candence! <3
    I'm going to save this post forever 'n ever now.

  4. no

    no this cannot be

    are you really leaving?

    how will I have an exploding heart without you?

    okay, I guess maybe it's a good thing. seeing as I won't be dead.

    but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    1. huhuhuuuu. I am evil and making you miss my writing all the more. But I'll be back someday. "I'm going on an adventure!" Addy will give you all the exploding hearts because she, my friend, is too amazing at writing. *cries of love* <3

  5. You're leaving?!? :(((((((((
    I'll miss your posts so much!

    1. Oh, only for a couple of weeks. <3 I'll miss your ever so lovely comments, Lauren. But I'll be back soon. :-)

  6. Hi Cally, I'll miss your lovely poems if you leave. This poem is well-written, I love how you described the repetition of remarks and introduction between new people as coins - all of them are alike - and despite the accumulation of them, it has no significant value, like how money has no tangible value in life, and it doesn't bring happiness either. I'm not too sure about what this could refer to though, the repetition of meeting new people - could it be about this blogosphere, because we always unaware if the smileys we give are genuine? Hope you'll be back soon. :)

    1. I won't leave you forever, Diannnnnnnnn! I'll be back in a week or two. I promise.

      It actually does not have to do with you wonderful people. More people have been trying to become my friend in real life and I'm a total introvert and so it's scary and hard...even if I'm really nice. I suppose that I do not want to be their friend, if I were to be honest. I'm not entirely sure why. *sigh*

      But thank you dearly, Dian. <3

      I'll be back before you know it!

  7. woah, woah, woah. when i opened up this blog, i was completely blown away by everything. the design, the structure, and your posts. this poem was absolutely beautiful, Candence. you really have a gift for this kind of stuff... keep it up :)

    - autumn

    1. Autumn, you dear. :-) Eeeeeeeeee. Thank you so much. It is so encouraging to hear that. <3 Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Oh goodness, I know the feeling. I'll miss your lovely posts, so please promise to come back soon

    xx Lorraine

    1. Give it another week, I think. :-) <3 Thanks Lorraineee.


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