laughter and peace


i am tired. 
oh, so very tired. 
my eyes ache and i have bruises all over
from ice-skating for the first time. 

laughter echoed through my lungs
while i was with a dear friend this morning
we shared jokes and what we've been doing lately
it was long-needed.

the city felt like it was squishing me
downtown was not made for my wild heart
i clutched my knees close to my chest as we headed to church 
glad to be rid of the bars containing me.

oh, peace washed over me
my eyelids became heavy 
i fought to keep them awake
to watch the sky painted ever so beautifully.

the best valentine of today was the silence
the peace and quiet after constant noise
to watch as God painted red and orange and pink 
across the blue sky ~


I don't think this counted as a poem, but I didn't want to write a boring ol' post about my day. It isn't the best Valentine's Day post, but I wanted to do something. <3

I hope you guys had a fabulous Valentine's Day! 


  1. Happy Valentine's day! Hope you have a great one :) x

    1. Thank you, Arushee! I hope youuuu had a great one, too! :-D

  2. "the best valentine of today was the silence"
    I LIKE THIS SO MUCH. Gah, you're perfect with words darling xx.

  3. I love how you can turn everyday happenings into beautiful poems! I truly enjoyed this. Happy Valentine's Day! <3

    1. I think it's some of my worst writing, but thank you nonetheless! It really does help me write more with love and such when I get lovely comments like your's. <3 Happy Valentine's Day, Eve!

  4. ZIS IS BEAUTIMOUSSSS. Wish I was there. I think if I turned my Valentine's Day into a poem it would be a dreadful one, since it mostly consisted of a fourteen hour drive. XD

    1. I really wish you were here, too, to be honest. ;-) I DON'T THINK IT'D BE AWFUL BECAUSE IT'D BE LIKE,

      I woke up early and it was okay
      but I didn't want to leave Arizona
      and Cally was calling me home
      "I spy something green."
      "A tree?"
      "I spy something...green."
      "Hmm, that tree?"

      XDDD <3 I am so happy you're back. I missed you tons.

  5. Happy Valentines Day!
    This is beautiful, Candence!

    1. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Thank you soooooooooooo~ much, Jordy. <3

  6. Oh I love how you said, "we shared jokes and what we've been doing lately
    it was long-needed." Laughter and talking about life honestly makes you feel so much better, and it really makes you feel loved. I am so glad that we have a Savior that loves us so much, and has brought people into in my life that I love the most!

    1. It really does. I know it all too well. <3 I am ever so thankful that God brought my best friends into my life because...like, how could I ever live without them? We have hearts for God and that, I think, makes the best friendship of all. Happy Valentine's Day, Lauren! <3

  7. This definitely counts as a poem! I wish my Valentine's day was as interesting as yours; all I did was go and sing angrily with some ten-year-olds (it's a musical theatre class which holds kids ranging fro, 10 to 18, and our song is VERY intense) and I watched Narnia. Happy Valentine's day, though the greeting is late!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Haha, oh man. I hope you had fun, at least! And Narnia is wonderful. I really want to read the books someday. <3 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, MORNING!


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