officially moved

Hey Words Passing You By blogger crew,
just wanted to let you know that this blog is officially "completed." (not quite the right word, but not the wrong one, aha.)
This chapter is over. So if you want to join me, if you haven't already, hop on over to Brin Lael. Laugh at the golden hues because they are so BRIGHT. and so good. yep. Also the comment section looks especially beautiful. I promise you I'm not trying to coax you into commenting. laugh laugh. It's just seriously one of my favorite parts of my new design. 

ALRIGHT. goodbye. *salutes* it's been a good run on this one.

(click itttt. you know you want to.)
sneaky laugh.
so many loves. see ya later. 


  1. I love your writing, wherever it is. ♥

    1. i could cry my heart out. ow. that is the sweetest THING. x


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