loving recently


- things i have been loving recently - 

+caps lock stuck grandmothers
+afro-haired book characters
+talking to my best friend and almost choking of laughter on my last bite of ice cream
+seeing the sunrise for about 5 seconds and then falling back asleep
+hearing the voices of my favorite people
+the smell of summer 
+camp is soon soon soon and i feel it in my bones
+my chickens being dumb and that it is soooooo funny

just thought i'd steal adelaide's "love overflowing" post idea today. muahah.

p.s. *laughs evilly because I posted yesterday* i have this survey for you guys to take. *click here* 


  1. AFROOOOOOOOOOOO XDDDDDD I love this. Every time you or Addy post these things I just feel overwhelmed with gratitude. SO SCHMANKS!

    Basically what I've been loving recently....


    1. I KNOW. AFROS AT THE BEST. XD I really like to read over Addy's, but she cleverly encrypts them with secret meanings I can't figure out. *sobs* Yesss. Fellowship. XDD LEGOLAS! GIMLI! MERRY! PIPPIN! XDDDDDDd *wrong Fellowship* So excited for camp and YOU. eeeeeeee. 5 days, mah jolly-o captain. 5 days.

  2. ~Things Jordan Sky has been Loving Lately~

    ~being able to have totally unawkward relationships with guy best friends~
    ~receiving the new opportunities of summer~
    ~eating watermelon beside the pool~
    ~Candence Declan~

    1. WHATTTTTT. I MADE THE CUT? WHAT. HEY GUYS, LOOK AT THIS. XD <3 <3 <3 All of those sound super fabulous. I wish I liked watermelon because it looks so tassttyyy, but it's gross. So sad. But I cannot wait for summer. <3 (brb laughing because I typed "supper" instead)

  3. "talking to my best friend and almost choking of laughter on my last bite of ice cream" -- YES. I totally feel you on that :)

    And I just took your survey! <3

    1. I KNOWWW. And it was over the phone, too, so it was a very confusing and hilarious situation. Oh my goodness. I am so glad you know the feeling. :-D

      Yessh. Thank you, Arushee! :-)

  4. Haha, chickensssssssssssssssss

    -Things I've been loving recently-

    -Holding conversations with frogs
    -Completing a chapter of life and going out with a bang
    -Playing Christine Daae
    -Summer on it's way
    -Friendly chickens getting loose and coming in the house

    1. MY CHICKENS COME IN THE HOUSE ALL THE TIME AND POOP AND I HAVE TO CLEAN IT UP. *tears and sorrow* XDD I don't mind that much actually.

      All of that sounds amazing and very not my life. XD EXCEPT FOR SUMMERRRRRRRR. And my life doesn't have chapters. Which is weird. I have like snippets and those line breaks and then the --- to skip ahead and all that. That's my life.

  5. CryIN. I love you and your ice cream choking and the fact that we should get jerseys because we make a good team.


    1. tRU. Hahahaha oh man. So much yessss. <3 I cannot wait for Camp and all the adventures it holds dear. Muah.

  6. I'm one of those people who sees the sunrise for about five seconds and then falls asleep. I'm usually sooo restless in the summer because it's sunny and I react like young Anna does in Frozen: "The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play!"

    Things I've been loving recently:

    Exploring through the woods barefooted,
    late night reading and thinking,
    watching the sky,
    novel writing (I think is turning into an allegory, because if it is, I must have had a deep sense of thought from the fifth grade),
    pitas, and
    my anticipation receiving Adelaide's package in the mail (I'M SO EXCITED),

    xoxo Morning

    1. Hahaha. yes, yes, yes. Lately I've been getting up early (6:30am is early to a homeschooler okay? XD) but I've had a hard time staying awake so I fall back asleep. THE SKY'S AWAKE SO I'M AWAKE.

      Mmm yes. Barefeet. <3 I love watching the sky because I can see it from lying down in my bed. And then for the past few days, it's been sunny in the morning with a storm at night. YES PITAS. WOO. I can't wait for you to receive Addy's package. I bet there's so many fabulous things in it. Are you going to do a post about what's in it? No? Yeah? No? I'm glad you won! *grins*


    Ehem, let's see.

    *Warm breezes
    *the smell of the lake
    *phantom of the opera
    *singing class

    .....ehrm that's it that I can think of.

    1. YES TO EVERYTHING. Warm breezes are soooooo relaxing. Like there's chilly breezes that make you shiver for a second. And then there's those warm breezes that are like hugs. I love lakessssss. Especially ones in the mountains. *grins just thinking about it* Fabulous stuff, Treskie dear.

  8. This post is practically PERFECT in every way.<3
    When I read, "seeing the sunrise for about 5 seconds and then falling back asleep" I was like "Ummm...did she just read my mind?" I think I do that literally every morning. I always think that I'll get up early and watch the sun rise but the reality of it is that I normally open my eyes slightly to look through the window and fall right back asleep. Awesome post!

    1. HAHA. thank you. <3 It's so true. I'm like, "Wow, that's gorgeous. God is good." and then I fall asleep again without a second thought. Glad you liked the post, Eve. :-)

  9. Not going to brag or anything but I have an afro. ( i need an emoji that conveys slight boastfulness and intense humor) lol, it's really short and weird but I'm the only one out of my friend group with one. I loved this, when i read the one about talking to your best friend and choking of laughter, i was like "gurl i can relate."

    1. Hahahah. Perf. I love it. <3 YOU CAN BE MAH AFRO FRIEND. ;-D ANd hahaha, yes. I'm so glad you can relate. <3 Memories created? Definitely.

  10. Dear Cally,

    THIS POST IS SO PERFECT. So many things here I absolutely love, but I always forget those little things, you know? It's so beautiful to have a reminder of them. <3 "+my chickens being dumb and that it is soooooo funny" < AAAH, THIS. You have chickens? That is so cool! We have a tick infestation where I live and I hear that some types of chickens eat ticks and so therefore, I want to get chickens, too. But my mom says we can't. Okay, random thoughts over. I LOVE THIS PHOTO TOO BTW.


    1. Ahhh! You are so nice. It's so funny that you call them small, as they are big as the world to me. But maybe it's because I look for the small things? YESSSS. my chickens. WHY MOM WHY. LET ABBIE GET CHICKENS. THEY ARE NICE AND LAY EGGS AND EAT BUGS.

      yess. the photo is fabulous. i loved it. <3

      thanks for the fabulous comment, abbie! muah.

    I love when you and Adelaide do stuff like this. It's awesome <3
    It's not just the things in themselves that makes them happy, it's the way you describe them. It's just...wow.

    1. LAUREN. I'm so thankful and happy that you love when we do things like this. Because I enjoy it. so thank you thank you thank you. Eeep. <3

  12. caps lock stucked grandmothers
    i"M CRYING <3 this made me laugh.

    And you have chickens, which is easily the best thing ever. Post some pictures of them!! Unless you already have, then never mind. I'll go stalk your old posts ;) Also, I did the little survey thingamajig!


    1. HHAAHAHA. IT'S TRUE, THOUGH. They are soooooooooooo funny.

      Oh my gosh. I did post pictures, but I can do a intro-to-Cally's-chickens post. Hahahah. So perfect. I might just do it. Thanks for doing the survey!

      schmanks for the comment, Lis. *grins*


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